Friday, September 28, 2007

A great question from Amy in Wisconsin

There are some great questions coming out of Wisconsin and Minnesota! Amy in Wisconsin wrote this morning for a solution to her problem: neither she nor her fiance want a wedding cake, so what can they do instead? Here is my answer sent to her:

Hello Amy:

Great question! If you don't want a wedding cake, is there another option of sweet dessert that would work? The symbolism in the cake is 'the sweetness of life together,' so I'm seeing more couples trade in a cake for some other sweet item they prefer taking a gorgeous crystal glass of chocolate mousse that's been piped in a swirl, and taking turns feeding each other a spoonful. Guests are then treated to their own dessert glasses of chocolate mousse -- either dark or white chocolate with raspberry sauce. This can be done with a sorbet or ice cream, gelato, even cultural desserts like a rum mousse. I'm even seeing big chocolate covered strawberries that have been dipped to look like a bride's gown and tuxedo (see these at And health-conscious brides and grooms are feeding each other heart-shaped cuts of cantaloupe.

Anything sweet in your love story, such as the dessert you shared when you got engaged? A family dessert recipe?

If you're not into the sweet stuff, this tradition can be enacted with a beautiful piece of bread to symbolize abundance and fertility with the grain...

Best wishes to you!

Sharon Naylor

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