Monday, September 17, 2007

The Moms meet

Joe and I had the wonderful opportunity to have our mothers meet for the first time *at* the initial planning session with our wedding florist. We looked at lots of possibilities for the decor and the personal flowers, and Kathy our florist did an amazing job of guiding us through all the possibilities. I'm always aware of how overwhelming these tasks can be for those who are not in the wedding industry, and when I started getting overwhelmed myself with the sheer number of choices, it reminded me of how important it is for any bride to break these tasks down into smaller steps. We didn't plan everything in one shot. We left a few decisions open, so that we could discuss them further on our own time. If you feel things spinning, slow it down. Push the topic of ceremony decor aside and focus on the boutonnieres. Something smaller. To get that Done feeling, to gain some ground. And if you'll bring your moms along as we did, know that they're just listening for now, inspiration will hit them later, and they need to know that it's okay for them to say, "Hey, I think I'd rather have pink flowers in my corsage rather than white ones." They need to know that you'll allow them to change their minds. That makes for a happier planning experience even past the planning session. Now, this doesn't mean the moms can overrule what you want...ours would never do that, but there are all kinds of moms out there! If you're getting too much frivolous interference, you have the right to close the issue and say the ceremony decor *will* include daisies, even if that's not your favorite flower. It's a delicate dance, but this is where the fun, bonding stuff comes into play. And it's a tremendous gift for you to include the parents in their favorite areas when you can. Years from now, we'll all have the great memories from that day. That's the good stuff in wedding planning.