Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Top 5 Ways to Make Your Engagement Portrait Stand Out

Have you ever looked at the engagement announcements in the newspaper and thought: why are they all in the same pose? True, some newspapers have actual requirements on poses they'll accept for print, and I'm not suggesting that you do something's just that they all look pretty much the same! If you're going to display your engagement portait in your home, why not *coordinate* it with your decor colors or choose a setting that works with your living room or bedroom style, like a beach background or leafy green trees? That's #1, then: build your decor color into the photo's location and background. If you're not sure of your home decor color yet, stick with neutrals in what you wear. You wouldn't want to have on a bright pink shirt and then try to place that in a cool, blue and tan room.
2. Alternate who's in front. You'll get lots of different options in poses from your photographer, so don't be limited by his or her insistence that the groom always stands behind the bride. Why not have him sit, and you drape your arms around him as you lean in over his shoulder. (And by 'him,' I mean your fiance, not the photographer ;)
3. Get a laughing shot. Those forced smiles get quivery after the first dozen or so pictures, so say something to crack up your fiance and let the photographer get you both giggling or in full-out laughter. That could be the perfect shot, and very 'you.'
4. Coordinating shirts? I have a hard time with that one, but it's in the top 5 here because it is so popular as the 'cute couple shot.' Plus, if you're working your home decor color theme, it could be an amazing look.
5. There are better ways to show off the ring than to hold your hand up awkwardly against his chest. He could take your hand and bring it to his lips in the ultimate chivalry shot, with you looking blissful and in-love. See how it feels best to get your hand into the shot. If he hugs you from behind, for instance, you could wrap your arms across yourself onto his arms (it looks better than it sounds -- try it out.)
There you have it...the top 5. For your additional shots, be playful...hop onto his back, have the photog snap a few shots of the two of you lying back in the grass, get your dog into the photo, and invite your families to the session so that you can get some great *family* portraits for one sitting fee. There's so much you can do to show your personalities, your playfulness and the things you value most.