Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Top 5 New Trends in Bridal Showers

1. Going co-ed. Why should the men miss out on all the fun?
2. No wrapped gifts. That endless gift-unwrapping session that embarrassed even the bride has gone out the window. Now, guests are being asked to bring an unwrapped gift with just a bow on it, for a Display Shower where all the gifts are set out for display and the bride and groom just walk down the line and comment on how much they love each item. Whoever thought this up was BRILLIANT!
3. No games. So put the clothespins away. Everyone just wants to mingle and eat the great food without enforced fun.
4. A guest book or guest advice cards where everyone leaves a message or advice for the bride and groom. Great keepsakes.
5. A very fun theme, to make it different from every other dinner party, get creative with the decor and menu, and theme out the drinks and favors. Lots of creativity going on in matching the theme to the couple's personalities.