Thursday, January 18, 2007

The groom's bottom?

This time of year, I get flooded with releases and press kits and DVDs of the latest products and services for the bride and groom. Beyond the usual 'gotta have shoes' and creative registries and honeymoon destinations are a LOT of new things for the stylin' groom. Metrosexual has gone to new dimensions all over the country, as the salon and spa industry do their best to attract the groom. Here are some of the most amazing (and sometimes amusing) things that grooms are invited to indulge in to look their best for the big day:
* Tanning sprays
* New color contact lenses (Have his EYES be your 'something blue????')
* Back massages for them and for their groomsmen, with mimosas and caviar brunches
* Eyelash tinting
* Eyebrow waxing or threading
* Full body waxing
* Manicures and pedicures
* Tattoo removal (the ex's name has got to go, apparently!)
* Tattoo addition (the release espouses placing it in an 'intimate zone' as a gift to the bride)
* Facial peels
* Tooth whitening
* Personal stylist to pick out your honeymoon boxers and wardrobe
* And this physique approver that you just have to see for yourself. [Note: I do not endorse this product or site, but include it here for your information, amusement, sharing with bridesmaids, or all of the above]:

Have we come a long way from the days of the groom just showing up on time for the wedding? That's a big YES. Are grooms going for these services? Again, that's a Yes in surprisingly big numbers. Hmmmm, something to ponder: what does the money for this come out of in the wedding budget? 'Sorry, babe, we can't get a cake...I had to get a facial peel and a butt enhancer, and the guys and I are going for a spa day and mimosas.'

I love wedding world.