Tuesday, January 16, 2007

That's just awful!

Over on my Q&A forum at www.pashweddings.com (click on 'Ask Sharon' from the home page), there's a controversial thread going on. A frazzled mother of the groom wrote for my help with her very spoiled, pushy FDIL who planned an insanely expensive rehearsal dinner at the restaurant of the bride's choosing. The mother is being asked to spend -- get this -- $1,300 for a dinner that includes extra friends of the bride who are not in the bridal party. I had to hold back in my response to this, since the Grabby Bride just turns my stomach. Others in the forum have chimed in with their reassuring stories, and we've all banded together to help this mom out. The prevalence of the 'MY Rehearsal Dinner' tantrum has led me to pitch an article on this to the major bridal magazines, so that we can clear this up once and for all. Brides, grooms...the rehearsal dinner is a GIFT from the groom's parents. If they're paying, they plan it. If they say, 'no extra people other than the bridal party and guests,' you listen to that and respect them. Sure, you could railroad your way, but there's a long future ahead. And this will live on in everyone's memories. So if you're planning your wedding right now, and you have an idea for where you'd like your rehearsal dinner, approach the hosts with your request. Now is the time when you're building your relationship with them, so think about the future before you try to 'win' your way.

This is why I'm sooo glad we're starting our 'Here Come the Moms' podcast at Wedding Podcast Network (the announcement is up at Bridal Scene, www.weddingpodcastnetwork.com -- at the end of the broadcast). Moms have a LOT to handle with weddings today, and these are the kinds of problems we're going to tackle. I may not have been able to drop the gloves on that forum, given the intricacies of that Mom's situation, but we're going to give it to 'em straight on the podcast. Tune in soon for the first show.