Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Site recommendations

In the post-holiday crush of press releases, a few stood out as ones I should pass along to you. [Note: I have no experience with some of these companies, so I'm not endorsing them per se. I just thought you'd like to check them out!] -- A registry for experiences, like dance classes, horseback riding, wine tasting, etc. -- Same as above, with hot air balloon rides and other adventures -- Yes, you already know about this one, but check out their new Legacy albums -- supersized pages (12x14), which will cost you far, far less than ordering print from your pros. -- The colored diamond association, for info and buying details on naturally colored diamonds. And check out that pic of the Jubilee Diamond -- amazing! -- Polymer clay renditions of the cake-topper bride and groom made to look like you. It's a little crafty-looking, but the concept is really fun if this is your style -- A charitable registry, with articles on how to donate your leftover wedding food to shelters and food pantries -- Terrific software for creating your own save the date cards, invitations, and all manner of printed items (check out my articles on their site for ideas!) -- Owner Dana Smith-Acosta makes gorgeous favors using silver charms -- If you'll get married away, check out the articles on this one.

Coffee's ready, so my day begins now...