Friday, June 15, 2007

Coming soon...The Bride's Diplomacy Guide!

With all this talk about Bridezillas and their selfish ways, let's also not forget that sometimes a mild-mannered bride can completely lose it when she has selfish or troublemaking people *around* her. How do you tell a bitter bridesmaid to stop the whining? How do you handle people who send in response cards that they will be bringing their kids to the wedding when you specifically said No to that? How do you confront your parents when they're the ones misbehaving? How do you handle difficult wedding vendors? I've tackled 150 scenarios -- and given you actual script suggestions on what to say for a smoother solution -- in my upcoming book The Bride's Diplomacy Guide, your portable 'coach' for those difficult conversations. Pre-order is up right now at Enjoy....and happy problem-solving!