Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Our Wedding Story" at

No, not *our* wedding story, but rather the beautiful and inspiring details and first-person recountings of real couples' wedding plans, why they chose what they chose, how they made their budgets work, the thrilling moments they shared with their families...all of the magical things that make wedding time so much of a dream come true.

Pash founder Steven Galvez and I have started a new section on his site where we will tell the stories of our Pash community members, complete with their photos and those great insider advice gems that every bride wants to learn from her peers. As a wedding expert, I offer ideas and help solve dilemmas -- my Bride's Diplomacy Guide is coming out soon! -- and I absolutely love it when my advice vaporizes a couple's problem and inspires a design or style approach. I'm here to help, and I have more than a quarter-million brides and grooms out there who have gotten great stuff from my books. But as much as expert advice answers a big need in the wedding industry, brides also want to hear about what their friends are doing. So it's a double-barrel gift to all those brides and grooms out there: the expert advice you need and the real-world stories and photos you want. I'm excited about this new showcase on the site, as our first questionnaires are coming in, and their photos are *gorgeous*.

I was going to go gown shopping with my Mom today, but I slept wrong on my back and am hobbling around with what feels like sciatica. It had *better* clear up, since Joe and I are going to order our hardwood floors today. I've been waiting for this day and even if I have to walk in there all hunched over and limping, we're choosing our flooring for the office today. I expect lots of curveballs as we put our home's all a matter of finding our way around them. But nothing -- not even a pulled muscle in my back -- is getting in the way of the snapshot I have of our flooring shopping trip. We have two things left to do before we're all set for the move, and it's been an absolute dream to work with Joe on all of this. I hear about so many couples who turn their first home into a battleground, wanting 'my way' and turning it into a primal territorial issue instead of a partnership. But we don't have that. Which tells me I'm *so* marrying the right man. But I already knew that ;)