Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The countdown begins...

Actually, it began several months ago, but the big, pink numbers on my calendar say that we're three days away from closing on our house. It feels like *forever* since we first found our new home, and we've been packing for weeks. Most of my furniture has been donated to Habitat for Humanity, so I'm surrounded by boxes in this temporary state of flux. It gets difficult sometimes, since I need organization around me, but all I have to do is look at the boxes of shelf liner paper that my Mom brought over, the carpet cutter tools that my Dad lent us, and I just smile knowing that Joe and I will very soon be in the dreamy stage of prepping our house and painting the walls (our palette is breathtaking!) and placing the furniture where we want it. The house is a blank canvas to us, and we get to create the look and feel of our home. That's just bliss.

Joe came over with beautiful flowers for me last night (is he the best, or what?), so I'm recharged and ready for another big milestone tomorrow -- I'm guesting on Martha Stewart Weddings Sirius Satellite Radio at noon. So just like I did with the Mike & Juliet show, I step away from the cardboard boxes and step back into my author world. As much as I love prepping for our new house and the wedding, it's equally exciting to have these big work-world events to look forward to. There are so many once-in-a-lifetime moments going on right now, and I'm grateful every day....even with the little maelstroms that pop up when you're planning something big. (Who knew that getting our separate phone lines combined into the house would be so labor-intensive?).