Saturday, June 02, 2007

"It's My Wedding Too" on iVillage Weddings!

iVillage Weddings just launched on Friday, and while cruising around to see the site where I will be a guest expert (!!!), I discovered that my novel "It's My Wedding Too" has been recommended as part of the iVillage book club forum! (along with a bunch of great reviews from Amazon!) Check it out:

Joe is off with his brother for the day, and my parents are at the beach for lunch. I'm absolutely thrilled that they got the restorative trip to their favorite restaurant for steamers -- Dad's blood count numbers have been good, his eye surgery hasn't happened yet, so this was a good time to go. I remember how much it boosted my Mom's spirits to get down the shore while she was sick with lymphoma. We have a photo of her from the back, facing the ocean, with her arms raised in victory. And it became true. So today is Dad's turn to get out to the ocean and raise those fists against the cancer...I know how thrilled he is to get a break from the couch and doctors' offices.