Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You find the strangest things while packing...

With just a few weeks until the big move into our house, I'm fairly well into the packing process (which makes my place a feng shui nightmare right now), but I'm *so* glad I started packing a while ago. These little bursts of packing and organizing are way more enjoyable than if I tried to do it all in one shot. The best part is the treasure trove of fun things I'm finding in my closet and dresser drawers. I apparently was a big fan of hair Scrunchies at one time, and I have a big pile of stockings. So I have an 18 gallon plastic storage container that's filled with my arsenal of Victoria's Secret...and a giant pile of stockings. I also found my choir award from 8th grade graduation -- to quote my choir teacher: "for being the loudest, not necessarily the most on-key." Which is funny, because I am not a loud person. I guess I just had that 'give it your all' mentality even way back then. Other finds: cute jewelry sets I forgot I owned, and a savings bond.

The upheaval of a move can knock you over, so it's important to grab on to these little perks and surprises during the process. So my advice to *other* brides- and grooms-to-be who are also planning for their new home while they're planning their wedding is to look for these little golden moments, surprises, and the mindset that all of this change is ultimately for an incredibly bright future.

I have a ton of writing to do today -- lots of wedding articles, a bunch of web writing, some special projects for other people, and setting up my intern with her next batch of assignments. So it's time for an iced green tea and a chunk of watermelon for an energy boost so that I can keep my butt in this office chair and work some magic on these assignments.