Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Joe's in the news!

I woke up early today to see if Joe was quoted in an article about his firm's participation in a charity event for the Fresh Air Fund, and there he was! Great quotes, too :)

Speaking of charities, I have Habitat for Humanity coming over to assess my bedroom furniture set, entertainment center, desk and rocking chair for donation. While it makes me sad to part with my grandmother's bedroom set -- it's gorgeous! -- it thrills me to know that a Habitat family might be able to call it their own someday soon. That's something you should know...Habitat and other charities will come pick up your castoff furniture and other donations for use in their project homes and in their stores for fundraising. So if you're combining homes right now, or wanting to get rid of your college furniture before the wedding, think about donating rather than dumping your stuff.

And finally, my novel "It's My Wedding Too" has just made another list of top chick-lit reads: http://52books.wordpress.com/2007/06/11/booklist-of-the-week-for-better-for-worse/. The ladies in the Pash book club * loved* my novel -- it's a quick, light read for summer and wedding season -- and many suggested it as a gift for the bride during the stressful planning months.

In a little bit, I'll talk to Joe about his appearance in the media, and then I'm into a hectic day of 5 articles, taking the dog to the vet, and prepping for a meeting with a top TV network. Mom and I shopped for the Big Meeting Outfit yesterday. We wanted to shop for her dress for the wedding, but the spring formals are gone now. So we'll go back to that great little bridal shop for her dress order. Jill (my MoH) and I decided on the short bridesmaid dress (after days and days of considering long formals), so the moms don't have to get gowns now. It's funny...we fell in love with that tea length dress on Day One of our e-mail flurry gown consideration process, but we checked dozens of extras (some good, some hideous) just to be sure. And now we're back to Dress #1, which is often how it works. It's been so much fun to share the excitement of the wedding with my closest friends. For so many years, they supported me and cheered me as I worked on my career goals, and then they were there to support me as I supported my parents through their illnesses. Now we have something beautiful and joyful to work on....and my friends have all told me, "Joe brings out the You in you again."