Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The garden is in!

I've written often here about my 'snapshot moments,' those dreamy moments I've imagined coming to life....and we got one last night. Joe and I put in our flower garden in the front landscaping, and it was even better than I imagined it would be! This is one time when reality surpassed my imagination. We have bright reds and pinks and yellows dotting our front garden, and the solar lanterns in the middle look phenomenal. How great to get down into the dirt and the mud and feel the rich, fertile soil between my fingers, smell that fresh scent of the grass and the dirt, have no plan for placement but just let the garden design itself as we went along. I admit that I woke up at 6am to see if the deer really did avoid our flowers, and we're good. No chomped-down stumps out there. :) The best part was working on it together, looking over at Joe and seeing those strong hands tamping each plant into place. As the sun set, the solar lanterns came on, and we had our own dreamy scene of a job well done.

Which brings up a wedding point: when you feel 'stuck' with any big tasks like hiring the right entertainers, knowing you have a lot of auditions to go to, you can return yourself to right by having a working list of little, easy tasks that will give you the satisfaction of crossing lots of things off your To-Do list. It might be as simple as writing up a page on your wedding website, adding some towels to your registry, printing out the labels for your wedding guest welcome baskets...whatever's quick and easy for you. You'll feel great knowing you got something done and that the big tasks aren't all-encompassing.