Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where to Honeymoon?

My head is spinning with the possibilities...should we go to Barbados? St. John? Disneyworld? Part of me wants the tranquil island getaway with nothing to do but lie in the sun and sip pina coladas, and part of me wants the adventurous vacation with dolphin swims and catamarans, horseback riding, waterfall climbing. I'm too scattered right now to really focus on it, so that means backing off the topic and waiting for the right ad to come on TV at the right time. ;)

We have our reception menu tasting in August, where we'll attend an event that's very much like a wedding thrown by our reception site for all of their upcoming wedding couples. That's where we'll get bite-sized portions of all of their cocktail hour, entree and dessert options in order to finalize our wedding menu. We're less than a year away, and time will fly. Plus, with all of the house business and work craziness, it'll be nice to put on the little black dress and go chow down on some salmon and chateaubriand, petit fours and six different kinds of wedding cake (Oh my! Joe and I will be selecting our wedding cake in just a few weeks!). A fun FYI...we're having our wedding at the same location as the first wedding we ever attended together. Very early in our dating era, Joe asked me to be his date at a colleague's wedding, and that was tons of pressure to meet *all* of his bosses and co-workers in one shot. I guess I did pretty well. ;) So that means we'll have our first married dance on the very same dance floor where we slow-danced for the first time. I knew he was a keeper at Brett and Joanna's wedding...Joe is talented with the slow-dance.