Monday, July 16, 2007

There comes a time when you just have to hand it to a pro

As much as I appreciate a good upper-body workout, I'm just not strong enough to scrape off 50 year-old wallpaper paste. I have a turbo steamer, but that's just softening the walls enough to gauge them. It's working, but I'm beat. So it's time to call in an expert, so that I can actually work on my book and articles while someone *else* scrapes at the former owners' seeming use of Gorilla Glue on these walls. I say this as I'm working on our new hardwood floor in our office, so I have a new appreciation for what a pro can do. I'm done. These hands will scrape no more. ;)

In wedding world, I'm going with my mom to pick out her dress. We've had to re-schedule three times due to my overload schedule and her chemo, but this Thursday could be the big day. After we shop, we'll grab lunch. I went to visit my gown the other day while walking back to my car after lunch with Joe...I so picked the right one. And I picked the right gown, too. ;)