Monday, August 06, 2007

All about the color

We popped a cork on a bottle of champagne to celebrate the first brush of color to go up on the bedroom walls. It's a gorgeous tan, nice and warm, and coat one looks great already. As if that splash of happiness wasn't enough, we also ordered our wedding invitations -- white with sage green to go with our spring theme -- and Joe suggested a beautiful Willa Cather quote to put at the top of the single panel card. It's beautiful, and Linda at just wrote with a few style tweaks to make it even better. So I'm off to design our reception cards and thank you notes, and then we have this delightful task in the Done column. We're taking our time and savoring every step.

After a weekend of painting with Joe and spending time with my niece and nephew, I got a 10-hour night's sleep, so I'm raring to go today. No more running on fumes. I'm giddy about writing the e-mail a day entries for Pash Weddings, answering my lineup of questions at iVillage Weddings, and checking in with my editors at Martha Stewart Weddings and Elegant Bride about two real-life weddings I'd like to feature for them. Nothing gets done on Fridays during the summer -- the industry screeches to a halt as everyone heads down the shore or to the Hamptons -- so Monday is always non-stop. Which I love. Asian pear iced tea is nice and cold here by my side, so I'm off....