Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Friends first, work second

While searching through past e-mails for a message from a Tv producer, I saw a weeks-old letter from my friend Susan. I had planned on responding, but life swirled me away from it. So I cleared off my desk, and spent the entire afternoon on correspondence with the great people in my life. My friend Katie in Utah. My friends Lindsay, Susan, Kim and Pam. My cousin Terry in North Carolina. My aunt Millie. It just took a few seconds to dash off a quick handwritten note to each, and I feel as if someone poured a fresh energy drink into me. It's the quality of the people you connect with. So as you plan your wedding, take even a few seconds to connect with the people who fill you.

Oh, and great news in my wedding world. Mom found The One. THE dress, the 20th she tried on total -- a bright pink with a great wrap and a flowy tea length skirt. The color is *amazing* on her, and she bought it on the spot. I'm so thrilled that I got to be there, and to see the look on her face when she tried on that one. Some advice to mothers of the bride and groom: shop from the bridesmaid's rack! You *will* find elegant tea length dresses there -- as opposed to the beaded shiny-sparklies they have over in the mom's traditional racks. Yes, you'll see some provocative backless dresses, halters and strapless, but you'll also find these flowing, lovely classic dresses for you to choose from...for way less than you'd expect. Enjoy!