Friday, August 03, 2007

Tasting food for the reception

It was awesome, a class act all the way, and terrific food from start to finish. We not only chose our entrees, but we decided that our ceremony will be outside if the weather serves, and our centerpieces will be low-set. Looking around the room, I saw a lot of bored grooms (wearing flip-flops, no less!), so I am overjoyed that Joe was 100% present and enthusiastic about the tasting. That's every bride's dream.

So when it's time to do your wedding menu, ask about having a tasting with the caterer. It's always better to have personal experience, because the crabcakes that sound great on a printed menu might taste bland in-person. The onion focaccia could be a brick. You never know. So with your food and with your cake, always get plates in front of you.

Tonight, we see The Police in concert, and then it's a weekend of priming and painting. Yes, I've said that every Friday, but we're ready now. My niece and nephew arrive in town this weekend as well, so I'll be skipping out from the paint fumes to take them to the pool, and the annual toy shopping trip has turned into an annual shoe-shopping trip for my niece. They grow up so quickly! It's a great weekend ahead....progress, progress, progress.