Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today Show Throws a Martha Stewart Wedding

This morning, Joe and I watched the Today Show's presentation of the four competing couples, each vying for the dream wedding. As much as I enjoyed their presentations, I couldn't help being like every other bride out there, wondering what *we* would do for the talent portion of the competition. Stand-up comedy? Joe's a master with that, and I can crack him up once in a while. This reminds me of the first time I really made Joe laugh...on one of our very first dates, he was driving me home, and I totally forgot about being demure and polite on the date. I was just so comfortable with him that I tagged on a sarcastic 'genius' at the end of a sentence, and I can still see it like it was yesterday. His head snapped toward me, and in that moment where everything goes into slow motion, you think you've totally blown the date, and you're wishing for a time machine to go back and say something different, he laughed and said how much he loved that. [And it just took me a long time to type that out, since it still cracks me up].

Ah, sweet memories of the early days...the now days are even sweeter. Even when he's wiped out from work, Joe still indulges my spontaneous moments of wedding talk -- he inspired the idea for one color theme for the ceremony, and another color theme for the reception. Genius! In a non-sarcastic way. So we will have blue and green for the ceremony, and orange, yellow and green for the reception. My bouquet has now gone from white and blush pink to a white and blush blue. So there's my 'Something Blue' as well. Wedding plans tend to bloom in spurts like suggestion pops out other ideas. What matters most is that every facet of our day is coming from US. And even if the colors change in the organic flow of a wedding, it's still going to be our beautiful day.