Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A new contender for the bridesmaid dress

While scanning the dresses on a website, I found a new possibility for my bridesmaids. It's pretty, has a fabric contrast tier at the hem, and -- best of all -- it's an easy order for each of them. Sounds like a winner to me. But this brings up an important piece of wedding advice: don't make any decisions when you're tired or frustrated or depleted. I'm running on fumes today, so I'm not dropping the gavel on any bridesmaid dress. As soon as the phone guy is done (6 hours and counting), it's time for a bubble bath so that I can try to recharge for my Bloomberg TV taping tomorrow afternoon and then the big reception menu tasting with Joe tomorrow night. It's going to be fabulous to leap out of home renovation world and into wedding world. Just us and a roomful of excited engaged couples all getting platters of gorgeous gourmet foods and desserts placed in front of us, the champagne will be flowing, music playing. It's like a vacation into a beautiful alternate universe. This is the fun stuff, truly once-in-a-lifetime, dreams-come-true level. Very important to erase your 'other world' stuff so that you can enjoy it. I plan to stuff my face. ;) Plenty of time to lose those 5 pounds for the dress.