Monday, October 15, 2007

Best weekend ever

Have I mentioned that I'm marrying *the* most romantic and thoughtful man in the world?

Joe planned the perfect fall weekend getaway for overnight in New Hope, Pennsylvania where we stayed at a haunted hotel (and heard the ghosts in the middle of the night!), lunched at a fabulous eatery where we had spiked hot cider and cheese fondue, visited tons of great little shops, took a ferry cruise to see the wildlife (swans and herons were there, peregrine falcons had been spotted earlier in the day), did some Christmas shopping, shared ice cream cones on the avenue, then had a five-star gourmet dinner in an amazing restaurant that used to be a church at one time. I flip over the warm bread/soft butter combination, and add in butter-soft filet and the smoothest Cabernet ever...that's fine living! Better yet was the chance to walk hand-in-hand with my Joe, and have his strong arm hold me up as I teetered on my heels while walking on brick sidewalks. It doesn't get better than that!

I write often about the need for a pre-honeymoon, to just get away from it all -- all the work stress, home stress and wedding stress. Just hop in the car and get out of town. And this was the perfect pre-honeymoon. I said in the car, "I feel satisfied all the way down to my bones." That's the sign of a great pre-honeymoon