Thursday, October 04, 2007

Staying on schedule

Planning a wedding is a LOT of work. From many, many meetings with vendors to doing everything at the right time, it's a lot to keep track of. I'm often asked how Joe and I are staying on track with our wedding plans, and we're using my own book! (I couldn't have imagined when I wrote it that I'd be using it someday!) We're checking off things in The Busy Bride's Essential Wedding Checklists, and we're right on target. Mostly. Some things do have obstacles in front of them, but this is keeping things from slipping through the cracks, giving us the important reminders that we have to tackle this task or that task, and most importantly -- giving us the peace of mind in knowing that we're doing everything at the right time. There won't be last-minute scrambles or late fees or extra stress. We're on it.

The best part? We can look back over the first five months of planning checklists and see that we've already accomplished so much! It's a great feeling to know we're on top of things, and that what's left on the list isn't so overwhelming. As we work on our house and work our hectic jobs, it's good to know that we have a handle on the wedding plans. October opens up a new section of to-do's, most of which we've already done or talked about, so we're in great shape.

Next task on our list: sit down with the caterer to share the list of menu items that we've picked out, and show him our wedding cake design. And then it's on to writing our vows...