Monday, October 01, 2007

The Office fights back

We've had about enough of the home improvement challenges posed by our home office. Yes, when you undertake a renovation project, you have to expect problems and delays, but every time we think we're set to start painting as the final step before we can 'move in' (and I can stop working on our bedroom end table via laptop), some little snafu stops us in our tracks. This time, it's a few of the electrical outlets being ungrounded. So we pause again until the electrician can get out here for a 1-2-3 grounding job. Not a monumental delay, but still enough to frustrate.

We are MILES from where we started...the room used to be dark wood paneled with orange shag carpet, with weird locks and alarm strips on all the windows. It looked like a VFW hall rigged as a maximum security prison. Not the style we had in mind. Now, it has beautiful cherry birch hardwood floors, gorgeous mouldings around all the doors, fresh sheetrock that's just waiting for its coats of Caribbean Blue paint...Joe put it perfectly when he said 'the worst room in the house is going to be the best room in the house.' In just a short while...

Now for those of you who have written me about our wedding plans, I have no updates for you right now. We're all about the office. But thanks for your messages of excitement, your questions and your wishes for a beautiful wedding. I'm marrying the best guy on earth. That's all I care about...well, that and getting an electrician out here today ;)