Monday, October 08, 2007

The Sears Wishbook

When you were a kid, did you ever sit down with the massive Sears Wishbook in the fall, circling all the things you wanted for Christmas or Hanukkah? That and the back-to-school issue of Teen magazine were THE big things to get in the mail back then, and it made such an impact that I remember how the Sears Wishbook smelled. My parents must have laughed to see what my sister, brother and I considered 'must-haves,' just as I'm laughing now over the products they're marketing to kids. A toy Kenmore mixer I can understand, but a coffeemaker with real drip-stop capability? For 4 year olds? I'm thinking back to my own little toy kitchen, with the fake bananas and the little cereal boxes, the mini steaks and plastic lettuce and tomato slices. Now kids have parmigiana reggiano and EVOO bottles in their play kitchens. This cracks me up...

Now, my evening of flipping though catalogs has me checking off blankets and holiday decor items like little LED lights for each window of the house....hmmm....I may suggest to Joe that we each get the other a toy for Christmas...there's some fun stuff out there.

Speaking of fun stuff, some random items popped up on our bridal registry. We didn't sign up for them, and no one has our password, so I have some calls to make today.