Monday, February 25, 2008

Our response cards are coming in!

I'm practically skipping to the mailbox every day to collect our response card envelopes, and Joe and I have an agreement to open them together. He gets half and I get half...which makes every day of our quick wedding countdown a celebration. We've only had one write-in of an extra And Guest so far, but that one was okay...we'll let that one slide. If we get any other response card 'surprises,' I'll make the phone call to correct it. This reminds me of a fabulous family memory: for my sister's wedding, we took an extra response card, wrote in an acceptance of 8 people with a note saying "Thank you for letting us bring our cousins and foreign exchange student Sven to the wedding", and my mom was perfectly poker-faced when she brought the card to my dad. My brother and I were laughing so hard, we had to turn around so my Dad wouldn't see. We got him with that one. For our wedding now, my brother just wrote in an e-mail response to the same effect, joking about his foreign exchange student Sven. So that was a fun faux-response for me. Will we have a sense of humor a few weeks from now? We shall see...but it's a ridiculous amount of fun right now.