Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Praise for 'The Mother of the Bride Book!'

I just came home from my wedding gown fitting (it looks phenomenal, and I got my headpiece as well!), to find this: http://dallasbrides.wordpress.com/2008/02/26/the-mother-of-the-bride-book/

I had the most wonderful time at my fitting -- Alyssa Tierney, the owner of the salon and a recent bride herself made the entire experience wonderful, and she LOVED the shoes that Joe got me as my wedding gift. We chatted about what it's like to plan a wedding when you're a wedding expert, how some things are more challenging than you expected, and it was such a fantastic discussion. So, brides, don't shy away from talking with other recent brides about their experiences -- it's unbelievably comforting to hear what they went through and what they did about similar issues. That often knocks a chunk of wedding stress right out the window.

Now for a little piece of final fitting advice...make sure you bring along someone who will be with you on the wedding day, like a maid of honor or a mom, since they will need to learn how to bustle your gown, help you get into the dress, fasten it up, detach a train, and yes, help you in the restroom. This is something you might not have thought of, so if you have your final fitting booked, make sure you call your MOH or mom to invite her along. You're going to want the help of someone who knows what she's doing on the wedding morning!