Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The top color trends for 2008

Wedding couples look to the fashion runways as inspiration for their wedding colors, so we're seeing more Yellow as a top color choice for weddings this year. That's right, yellow. Bright yellow to a soft buttercup yellow, mixed with a palette of greens and whites, even oranges in the spring.

For later in the year, we're going to see bright jewel tones of ruby red, purple, vivid blues, and emerald.

And silver is hot! Metallics are big this year, with silver ranking at the top of the list! Be careful of your skin coloring, though, since silver doesn't work on everyone. Copper might be better for you.

It's going to be a beautiful, colorful wedding season! Check out my book WHAT'S YOUR BRIDAL STYLE? at for detailed questionnnaires to help you determine the best color choices for each of your wedding elements.