Thursday, February 28, 2008

You'll soon be able to see it

Now that I've seen Joe in his tux and worn my own wedding dress during my first fitting, I've got the visuals that allow me to imagine snapshots from our wedding day. I can see Joe at the end of the aisle, I can imagine us dancing to our song. And it's been an amazing shift in mindset from being in planning mode, and check-writing mode, to being in visualizing mode. You *have* to let yourself see images from your big day as the wedding day draws near, because you won't otherwise have anything to hold onto when the stress hits you. So if you're closing in on your wedding day, make that first dress fitting early and go with your groom to the tux shop. With those visuals, pretty soon, you'll have 'snapshots' of your own bringing a smile to your face too!