Wednesday, May 24, 2006

17 drafts

I think it took me longer to write a love letter to Joe than it took me to write several chapters of my book! I was amazed by my own stop-and-start, how the words just didn't capture it right. Too cheesy, too gushy, not enough gushy...but I think I've got it right. Contentment, a light joy in knowing someone who makes...

Ah, I'll save it for the real delivery of the letter.

This week is going to be a little tough. My Dad is having radiation treatments every morning for 10 days, so I'll be up early and running over there to help out however I can. Today is yardwork, and we've called off my birthday breakfast for tomorrow since Dad won't be able to make it. We'll celebrate when he's feeling better. It's actually good news, the radiation treatments, since they made him feel so much better the last time, and it's been over a year since he needed them last. We're very optimistic -- just needed to circle the wagons last night and make a plan for morning care and errands. No problem. It's been our way of life.

In better news, I just found out that I'm going to do a little bit of emcee work at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Taste of the Towns dinner. At first, they asked me to say a little something, and then they came back with 'will you introduce some of our guest speakers?' I'm tremendously honored. Right now, I'm trying to get Z100 (our morning radio station) to send over a celebrity guest judge for the restaurant competition -- my Dad used to have breakfast every morning with one of the deejays on that show, so I'm hoping to make some magic happen for the LLS. Fingers crossed.

Tonight is book club, which means I'm missing Joe's firm's softball game (and Joe's firm thighs in shorts). Too bad. I had the cheerleader outfit all ready to go. ;) Maybe next time. The menu for book club tonight -- shrimp cocktail, Mexican meat sticks, guacamole dip, fruit salad, wine, toasted almond drinks, and cappuccino cake. No one's had time to read the actual book, so this is more of a Girls' Night than a literary discussion.

With my birthday tomorrow, I went back through my journal for the year and thought about how much has changed since this time last year. While most people think "What do I want for the coming year?" at milestone birthdays, I tend to look at my pages and think "What did I accomplish? What did I overcome? Which dreams came true?" I like who I've become at almost-37. It's a million times better than what I was at 27. I credit this to having better people in my life, finding my stride, finding my voice, and knowing what works and doesn't.

So I'm sitting here on the last day of 36, with a heartmelting photo of my boyfriend in front of me, contracts for some big opportunities to the right of me, my phone to the left of me that delivers the voices I love to hear every day, a strong family with a plan to care for my Dad, the honor of speaking at an organization that played a large part in the measures that saved my parents, wonderful friends coming over tonight, wonderful friends all over the country, a niece and nephew who call me up to talk about American Idol, my health, insta-smiles, and loving arms that hold me, green eyes to look into and know that I am is good. Even in my MID-30s, life is sweet.

Time to get back to work...busy day on tap....