Thursday, May 11, 2006

Too much lasagna

I have to say, though, it was gorgeous. My home-cooked meal of lasagna, salad and parmesan bread rolls went over did the relaxing in front of the fire. Just one of those blissful snapshot nights. We're having a lot of those...and Joe didn't mind me switching the TV onto the American Idol results show. I'm as shocked as everyone else about the result. But our boy Chris will be fine...

Today was checkup day at the doctor's and I've been advised to take it easy on the lasagna and Toll House cookies. No serious matters now, but Doc says veggies and whole grains for better energy. I'd prefer a great mango or cantaloupe anyway. Although they don't make the house smell as great. Since bathing suit season is coming, I will comply. Best to get my focus back on a little bit better self-care. I blame the pollen for my morning walks being put on hold, but there's always the gym. Just time to make a better healthy plan...get rid of the sodas and pizzas and cookie dough ice cream. Spend a little more time at the Whole Foods salad bar.

Had a fun little morning driving Joe to the train station while his car is in the shop. Never had a 'have a good day, honey' kiss on a train platform before. As we joked, all we needed was the 1930s outfits and me waving a handkerchief as he departed. Instead, I had to take off to bring the rest of the lasagna to my parents' house, where I walked into a heart-thumping scene of parents waiting by the phone to see if my brother was okay. 4-alarm fire on the block where he lives. He walked in with his fiancee a little while later, lugging their valuables. Steve saved his filmmaking equipment and videos of him playing football as a child, and Deb saved her jewelry. What would I grab if my place went up in smoke? My photos first of all, my hard drive, and my fuzzy slippers. Kidding on that one. Actually, I'd save my recipe file. Many of the cards are in my grandmother's handwriting. And I'd grab that one pink rose from my windowsill on my way out. I can carry it in my teeth with my arms full.

So now it's back to work, to the great material Casey Cooper is sending in for the novel, two new articles for Bride and Groom magazine, getting graphics for those gift shop profiles, arranging for galleys to be sent to some bridal editors -- oh, and I was able to show the Doc where his name is on the dedication page of my new Thank You Notes book. He was part of the team that saved my mom. The least I could do is immortalize him in a wedding thank you book ;)

And now a little something different for the blog...from time to time, I'm going to recommend a site or service that I love, kind of like Oprah's O List. This first one was actually IN Oprah's O List this month, but I've had my eye on it...It's called, where you can personalize an image to look like you and have it printed on your stationery and stickers, mugs, etc. Very fun for shower invitations. And another site I've been long overdue in plugging:, the makers of a fun wedding board game where shower guests fill in their favorite memories of the bride and groom. It's a game and a keepsake, thus the Gamesakes. I haven't decided what I'll call this part of my blog -- somehow the S-List doesn't work quite as well as the O-List. ;) Feel free to send me suggestions...