Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How to remove a lipstick stain

Today was a big interview day. First, a radio chat in Iowa (topic: etiquette on thank you notes) and then an interview for a newspaper about second-hand wedding dresses. We launched into a topic about which kinds of stains are 'okay' on a second-hand dress, and how to remove lipstick stains. I'll also be interviewed later today by someone who's doing a school report on the history of bridesmaids...when did the practice start, what are the superstitions, how have the roles changed. I got a kick out of the writer's note that she's in a bridal party and the bride gave them all copies of my 'Bridesmaid Handbook.' And I just brought six copies of my books to the nurse at my Dad's oncologist -- her son is planning a wedding.

I finished six chapters on my book with Casey Cooper and will outline the next four tonight. We've finally decided on a format of sidebar placement and question listings, and between the two of us, this one is turning out just beautifully. Half-done and right on target with word count, so I couldn't be more pleased. My new book idea has gotten some nibbles at a few publishers, so I may get to do a happy dance about it going to auction. As an author, I read Publisher's Weekly religiously. The Deals Report shows amazing rights negotiations and ten-house auctions, and reveals which celebrity books are written by ghostwriters (Dr. Phil...say it ain't so!). I've been in a bliss bubble for a while, so I have my pile of back issues of PW to go through...with a few Entertainment Weekly issues thrown in. So tonight is spaghetti and meat sauce that Joe made so phenomenally last night -- I took most of it over to my family's for my Dad, and I hear that my dog Peanut who is sick with a stomach bug right now has turned her nose up at beef stew and peanut butter but is LOVING Joe's spaghetti (which means she can get her insulin shot later...a big relief) -- and an evening of reading on my hammock after I outline my chapters. I was outside before, watering my plants and counting my blessings, and a gorgeous monarch butterfly came flitting around me for a good, long time. All is well, all is well...