Sunday, May 21, 2006

Taking a sick day

The good thing about sick days is that the day is yours. I remember sick days when I was a child, how I'd feast on red Jello and vanilla pudding, pastina, and tons of hot tea. And any sick day brought a toy: usually Colorforms. Now, a sick day means tea, applesauce, more tea, some cinnamon toast, and a steady diet of cough drops and more tea. With a sinus headache, bending over is impossible, so I did modified squats while picking up around the house, getting laundry done, tearing through my To Do list, and wrapping gifts for all the May birthdays and anniversaries on my Loved Ones list. For my 'toy,' I ordered two of Rachael Ray's cookbooks.

I canceled a local booksigning -- no publicity, and even I didn't know what time it was supposed to be -- and went to get a quick manicure instead. Gotta love the beauty salon fumes when you already have a headache. But Ella is a sweetheart and rushed through my bubble gum pink polish.

I also did all the research for the menu and drinks portions of "What's Your Bridal Style?", talking to caterers and bar managers for the latest twists on classics. 38 recipes for martinis, broken down into classic, trendy and playful. The exact description of the cuisine on Martinique (Creole and French). Also tried to find a recipe for a drink I enjoyed on the island of Martinique, but that may have been a bartender's special. Something unique only Wallace would know... So overall, I did about a week's worth of research and writing in these two short days, trying to get ahead of my To Do list so that I can enjoy the festivities of the week ahead.

Joe comes back from NC tonight -- I missed him! -- and we have plenty of things planned for the holiday weekend: a movie, biking by the Delaware River, going to see a minor league baseball game, and whatever birthday surprise he has in mind. The events themselves are secondary to the fact that we get to spend time together. This weekend was endless without him here....Next Monday, he meets my parents for the first time, perhaps my brother and his fiancee as well.

But before the Memorial Day weekend activities, there's a week to get through...I'm going to the Stationery Show at the Javits where I'll meet my colleagues at as well as my dear friends at Vismara Invitations, and spend the day exploring the cavernous convention center's endless supply of contacts and gift shop specialties, new lines in stationery and innovations. I love this show, only second to Book Expo which is going on right now in Washington DC. The last time I showcased at Book Expo, I had a little bit of tough competition right around the corner...Heidi Fleiss and her 'girls' lounging around on Victorian couches while Heidi signed her book. I can't even imagine why that kept the crowds away from my 'how to plan an outdoor wedding' book. Next time, I either bring Victorian couches and wear lingerie, or I give out Toll House cookies. ;) Maybe next year...

Oh, and a movie recommendation for you. During a sick day evening, I watched "Little Manhattan," which was adorable, very 'Wonder Years,' about a ten year old boy's first love. Brilliant writing on the screenplay, just a very sweet family film.