Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The blue couch

If it was anyone else calling with an invitation to come over tonight, I would have said no, that I'm tired and my sinuses hurt. But it's Joe. There's no way I'd miss a moment. So we spent the evening cuddling on his amazingly comfy blue couch, legs intertwined, so comfortable. And even though Elliott is gone from American Idol, this was still an amazing night. Couldn't tear myself away to go home and work.

Had one last project to do this evening. I had the honor of writing a speech for a very important person in my world, for a very special moment in his world. The words come easy for me, even speaking in someone else's voice, and it took almost no time at all to turn my notes into words that I know his daughter will remember forever. I got to be a part of her snapshot moment, and his. It's times like these that I love having this gift even more than usual.

So my evening was cuddling, American Idol, speechwriting, and a tauntaun reference and imitation that I'm laughing about right now. Perfection.