Monday, August 28, 2006

600 pages

There's a great moment in the creation of a book -- the moment you hit Print and the words go from screen to paper for the first time. The printer whirs, and the manuscript is there. For the first time. "What's Your Bridal Style?" is now complete. 20,000 words over limit, but it's complete. We'll get into the painful process of cutting in a few months -- better to have it packed with great information, so that it's like cutting a statue out of a big block of beautiful marble, than to have to stretch and fill. The parts that we cut will be turned into articles that we'll post on our sites, so nothing will go to waste.

With this big project done and out, I'm focusing on "The Bride's Diplomacy Guide" more fully now. I'm shuffling the order of the entries today, and will work from smallest chapter to largest. So that means 'problems with groomsmen' is on tap first.

But first, I'm clicking through some caterers' menus for the Halloween party that Joe and I are throwing here. And I'm going through The Ultimate Bridal Shower Idea Book for a refresher on what I wrote for a Halloween themed shower. This is going to be fun...