Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A fun interview

Yesterday I spoke for an hour with a reporter for Women's Health and Fitness about the stresses of being a bridesmaid. Financial, emotional, how to handle a difficult bride, etc. I don't think I've ever laughed so much during an interview. The reporter appreciated my bridesmaid triumph stories, and some of the inside scoop on what so many bridesmaids are writing to ask me.

In December, I'll be a bridesmaid again...for my brother's wedding. I've given them copies of my books, a Wedding Web site, invitation-making software. I haven't heard from the maid of honor yet about any kind of shower, but there is talk of a co-ed party in October at my brother's favorite restaurant, a place that my great-uncles frequented back in their day. Very casual, very laid-back. Everyone asks me if I'm contributing lots of ideas for their wedding -- nah, it's not my place. I'll chime in if I'm asked about anything.

I mentioned the other day that I'd watch the wedding episode of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and beyond the incredibly sad part of his daughter dying on their wedding day (heart-breaking!), it reminded me of our family's 2-week vacation in Hawaii back when I was a teenager. The conch calls, the fire dancers, staying at the Coco Palms where Elvis filmed 'Blue Hawaii,' biking down a volcano, visiting the 7 sacred pools of Hana. I remember how the air smelled like hibiscus when we stepped off the plane...My family has had incredible travels, such great memories of a simpler, better time. Amazing how just seeing a TV show set in Hawaii can bring that all back in such sensory detail...