Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blissful about my new e-book!

I am thrilled beyond belief to launch 'The Blissful Bride,' which is a combination e-book and audio files with three different guided meditations -- all to get today's brides, grooms, mothers, and bridal parties to relieve their stress. We're sending all frazzled, overwhelmed bridal people on a Bliss Trip so that they can restore their original engagement bliss, enjoy the process, and use this material to relax in the future (perhaps when it's time to write all those thank you notes!) Our groundbreaking project can be found at, and soon on my Web site. Kerstin also has it on her terrific site,, where you'll find her previous audio CDs and her Bliss-Trip-a-Day e-mail sign-up for beautifully-written, very sensory 'escapes' from daily stress. I'm so blessed to have met Kerstin through my publicist Julie Berry, and we're both filled with joy that we can put something so useful and comforting out there for all to enjoy.