Monday, August 07, 2006

For a look at lace

I've been asked many times about the different kinds of laces for gowns, veils, trains, gloves, and bouquet handles, and I've finally found a great site where you can see the details. It's . Just click on the link to the left, alongside the fabric glossaries, and you'll come to a terrific listing of lace definitions, and --even better -- great graphics of the designs. Of course, it's always a wise idea to go to any craft or fabric store to see and touch the different kinds of laces, get a feel for price differentials, and see which detailing calls out to you. Lace might remind you of stuffy tea parties and grandmother's curtains, but the new designs and artistry in lace production has brought this embellishment into the 21st century. (Now keep in mind that I'm not endorsing this site for purchase -- it's just a place for you to take a look! :)