Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A nice start to our wedding plans

At a little under a year until our wedding, we have our site booked, as well as our photographer, florist, deejay and officiant. And my gown is ordered for delivery in 6-9 months. The main foundational things are set, which gives us *lots* of time to focus on the new house before any of the creative details of the wedding begin. So rather than searching online for invitations, Joe and I are happily looking online for hardwood flooring styles. Instead of ordering a cake, we're ordering our furniture. Our house has moved from barely-imaginable concept to a full-color and textured reality. We're building our home piece by piece, starting off with a little champagne toast on the day we close, followed immediately by ripping up the carpets in four rooms. In a few months, we'll dive into the wedding details together....

Fun thing: the UPS man just stopped by with some engagement gifts, and he said he just proposed to his now-fiancee not too long ago. They're touring their sites and making their plans (actually, like us and like most wedding couples today, they started looking before they did the ring thing!) right now, so all best wishes to Kevin and Michelle for a very happy wedding planning process and a beautiful life together!