Thursday, May 17, 2007

We met with our deejay last night

Joe and I met with our amazing deejay for the wedding, and we started building our song playlist. Granted, we were looking at The List of the top 100 most-often-played songs for weddings, so a lot of our personal choices and songs from our particular love story weren't on there. So it's Step 1, and we have a great playlist forming already. We just relaxed on the bed and marked off the 'Yes, No, and NO WAY' song titles. It was a lot of fun to start imagining our guests dancing to these songs, figuring out which songs fit with the formality of our afternoon wedding, and thinking about the fact that we will be dancing our First Dance as Husband and Wife on the very same dance floor where we had our actual first dance as a couple when I was Joe's date at a wedding there over a year ago. That's very cool.

Joe also met with our officiant yesterday -- he's a judge with whom Joe is very close, and it's a great honor to have him perform our ceremony.

Today is my gown shopping trip with my Mom. I'm tearing up a little bit right now, because it's such a blessing to be able to go with her. Not too many years ago, she was on a ventilator and wasn't supposed to make it. Now, she's doing great and we both get the dream come true of going gown shopping together. That in itself is a great wedding gift. And if I find The One today, all the better! I know exactly the style that will be perfect for our afternoon formal wedding, the bodice that looks best on me -- but as I write in all of my wedding books, it's important to be open and to try on styles that you don't initially have in mind. Because that's usually the one that's IT.