Friday, May 04, 2007

You never know how much something means to you...

...until it goes missing. I'm talking about my mail, which the postal system started forwarding to my future address NOW, instead of the June date I gave them. So I'm freaking out, because this is an important mail week for me. I'm expecting some important paperwork. I realize, there are far bigger problems to have. But in the life of an author, the first weeks of May are 'good news weeks' where you skip to the mailbox and the birds are singing and everything's rosy. We live for the first few weeks of May. So I sped over to the new house to ask the current owner to keep an eye out for my mail, then sped over to the post office, then sped over to another building where I got an inside look at the bowels of where they sort the mail. And then it was a pile of paperwork. I have to wait and trust and hope that all my paperwork gets here.

I'll laugh about this in a few days when my mailbox springs open filled with my important papers and my magazines, but today...not so much with the laughing. Three different 'prepare for your move' checklists said to put in your Change of Address form 4-6 weeks in advance...I guess this is part of the process when you're buying your first house. Live and learn.

I'm pretty much shot today, such is the glamorous life of an author ;), so I will take a midday bath and read Philippa Gregory's newest novel. Speaking of books, congratulations to my colleague Janine Latus for making the New York Times bestseller list! Her story is one you won't forget...And in further good news from my colleagues at ASJA, my colleague Sherry Suib Cohen has also made the NYT bestseller list! We're having a good week in ASJA! If you're a writer and want to join a circle of highly experienced, successful authors and magazine writers, visit We all raise the bar for one another, with professional advice and shoulders to cry on at times...I can't imagine existing in the tough world of publishing without that community. Check out the articles on the non-member page to get some inside scoop on the industry before you apply for membership.