Thursday, January 31, 2008

It was an early morning ride into New York City to tape my first segment for, and we knocked it out of the park. One take was all it took to tackle ten major wedding bargains, and I *loved* the graphic they used on the screen behind us. They do a marvelous job at Meredith!

Coming home all fired up, I solved the Great Sash Dilemma [we didn't have enough for all of my bridesmaids and flowergirls, and the shop was out of them by now]. The sashes go to the flowergirls and the junior bridesmaid only. Done!

Joe has just sent out the measurement cards to his groomsmen, in what I think is the world's record of grooms getting right on the task. :) Hopefully, the try-on tuxes will be in tonight so that Joe and I can go choose THE style, and then I'll take him for a little treat on Main Street to thank him for that You'll Do Great hug he gave me this morning before the shoot. Sigh....

Stay tuned for the launch date of my segment....all about finding the best bargains for your wedding without sacrificing style.