Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sharon's Top 5 List for additional special dances

You've got your First Dance as husband and wife, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance. You can prevent the threat of Same-Old-Same-Old reception music from that point on -- the usual list of songs that everyone hears at every wedding -- by planning a few extra spotlight dances to add more meaning to your celebration.

1. Heritage dances -- Such as the tarantella or the hora.
2. Greatest Generation dance -- Ask your grandparents and great-uncles and great-aunts to take to the dance floor for 1940s music so that they can show off their Lindy.
3. Kids' dance -- The Hokey Pokey doesn't cut it with kids these days, so ask a 10 year-old for some song suggestions. Only kids on the dance floor for this one.
4. Parents' dance -- If your parents, like mine, do a mean cha cha, then consider giving them a spotlight dance during the dinner hour. Halfway through, the emcee can invite all the guests to join in.
5. Your Last Dance of the evening. As the last song of the night, the two of you can slow dance to your *other* favorite song, again inviting guests to join in halfway through. This is a great way to share the task of choosing 'your song.' This is something that Joe and I are going to do, since Etta James's 'At Last' was more my choice than his, although he readily agreed because he knows it means the world to me. So he gets to pick the last dance of the evening.