Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Julie Dubin's blog is up!

I'm so excited for my friend and colleague Julie Weingarden Dubin! She's just launched her new parenting blog at Woman's Day, and she'll have a new post each Tuesday: http://dailywd.womansday.com/blog/my_three_kids/index.html. So tell all of your friends with kids that they have a great, new blog to visit.

Julie and I go way back...there was a time when we were the youngest members of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and I remember meeting her at a conference as the only 20-somethings in the room. Now, we find ourselves years later as the mentors to the new wave of 20-somethings in the organization, with lists of accomplishments that we couldn't even dream about back then. I know Julie shares my belief that we are so lucky to get to write for a living, challenges and all. Congratulations on your new blog, Julie! I'll see you soon.