Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Wedding Shoes!

Last night, Joe and I went shoe shopping to find THE shoes for our wedding day, and I found 'em! They're gorgeous, in the Trellis line of Nina Shoes -- check out to see Nina bridal shoes featured in In Style Weddings, Elle, and more.

It had been *very* frustrating to find plain bridal shoes out there, but I guess that just means I wasn't supposed to wear *plain* bridal shoes on Our Day. These are quite spectacular, and Joe got them for me as a wedding gift. Sigh....isn't he wonderful?

We were supposed to go to the tux store for his try-ons last night, which kept me from attending a Ladies Who Launch event, but the tuxes hadn't come in yet. Which is just as well, because I'm not sure I could handle how hot he would look in a tux right now! Let me prep for a bridal show tonight and a taping of tomorrow, and then I'll have the stamina to see my man in the tux!

Invitation addressing has begun...we're doing inner and outer envelopes by hand, so the boxes of Carlson Craft inserts are all lined up and ready to go! It's starting to become Wedding Central around here, and Joe has been fantastic about after-work mini ambushes on the bridal breakfast and such...this is such a short time of massive To-Do's, and as his mother has said often, "Joe and Sharon are a great team." Absolutely.