Thursday, January 17, 2008

When your vendor disappears

A major photo and video company in my area was just on the news -- they've gone bankrupt and shut their doors. Now, thousands of wedding couples are terrified that their photos and video are lost forever, and thousands more are scrambling to book new vendors.

There's absolutely no way to know ahead of time if this can happen to you, so I strongly suggest that you look into a quality wedding insurance plan that can cover you if your vendor fails to show up or deliver. It won't save your day, and it can't guarantee that you'll get your photos from the big day. But did you know that some plans will cover the costs of booking a new photographer to capture re-staging of your top wedding moments (exchanging the rings, your kiss, portraits of your bridal party and family)? Again, you have to look into the fine print of what is and isn't covered in each plan. But it is something to think about...