Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Writing the wedding ceremony

Joe and I wrote our wedding ceremony last night, everything from the traditional vows we'll take to 'mystery spots' we're leaving open so that we can write our own wording for the ring exchange. That, of course, led to much joking about how the first thing I checked out on him during our first date was his hands and some possibilities of what we could say while exchanging rings...If you're smiling and laughing while writing your wedding vows, that's the right frame of mind. We flipped through one of my books for readings and poems to add, deciding on the Apache Wedding Blessing along with "The Art of Marriage." Now, we just have to decide on a color of paper for our programs, get the size cards from the groomsmen, and start collecting relatives' addresses for invitation-writing that starts next month!

Today, I'm keeping an eye on the website for Good Morning America Now (http://www.goodmorningamerica.com/), awaiting the launch of my segment on finding great wedding bargains during the month of January. I'll be back soon with the link for you...