Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Morning America

I spent this morning in the green room at Good Morning America Now, the third hour shown on their site, and observation #1: they have a Wii system in the green room. And the coffee was fantastic. I met up with Stacey Seiden from Bernie Robbins jewelers (, who was so generous with her time to bring a dozen gorgeous pieces of jewelry for the segment I was to shoot -- "January is the best time to shop for your wedding." [I'll post a link when it's ready to air.] $150 for a five-strand pink pearl bracelet for bridesmaids....or for the bride...or for moms. That's a HUGE bargain and one of the pieces I was delighted to show during the spot.

Tune in to the show to see the other amazing bargain luxuries I brought to the set. They'll have all of the buying info and links on their site.

Observation #2: the new modeling reality show with Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford was shooting right outside the GMA window, so I got to see the parade of beautiful people...Stacey tells me that during my shoot, they all walked past the window in boxing robes, so if you're going to watch that show, there may just be a supermodel boxing match to look forward to ;)

The taping went beautifully, although I wasn't allowed to include the selection of Victoria's Secret honeymoon-wear, wedding night corsets and bridesmaid gift items that they gave me to showcase [we ran out of time], so I urge you to visit for their 50%-off sale going on right now. Pajamas for $29, amazing lingerie [you'll want all new stuff for your honeymoon!] and the cutest thing I picked up: cami-panty sets in an ice cream cone shape. It broke my heart that I couldn't show that on the air today! Check out the beauty and perfume sets for under $15 to really spoil your bridesmaids and not break the bank. I'm headed over to the site right now to pick up a few things, further supporting the concept that NOW is the best time to buy clothing, spawear, lingerie, undergarments for your wedding day, and comfy pajama sets for yourself and for your favorite people.