Monday, March 03, 2008

Catch me in the New York Times!

Thinking of inviting kids to your wedding? Or leaving them off the guest list? Check out my advice in Sunday's New York Times: [Please note: the reporter mistakenly attributed my advice about having a low-set kiddie food bar at your wedding -- so kids can help themselves -- to a mention of our wedding. We're not having a low-set hot dog and mac and cheese station for the kids invited to our event.]

We had a fabulous weekend, starting with the 75th birthday party of the judge who will perform our wedding ceremony. How wonderful to see the closeness of that family, hear about his meet-and-greet with the Pope, watch a gorgeous photo montage of him, and enjoy the great company at our table. We're honored to have been included for that lovely evening.

On Sunday, we gathered with Joe's family for his mother's birthday brunch, and we did get to talk a little bit about the wedding plans, timing, the fun stuff that's upon us now that we're under 2 months until the big day. Speaking of two, today is the 2-year anniversary of our first date. For our first anniversary, we went back to the same jazz club where we first what will we do to celebrate today? I'm on a super-tight deadline for my new book, and Joe has piles of work, so this one might be a cuddle-on-the-couch party. Which is just as thrilling. Sigh....