Wednesday, March 05, 2008

DIY Cake Topper?

Looks like we'll have to make our own cake topper, since the design we discussed doesn't seem to exist out there! I've checked everywhere, and there's just no sign of the butterfly-themed style. If I ever retire from writing, looks like I've just discovered a big hole in the wedding decor market that I can fill with DIY (Do It Yourself) designs!

You'd be stunned by how many entrepreneurs start off their million-dollar businesses with exactly this same type of moment. What you're looking for isn't out there, or it's cheesy, and you can whip up better ones yourself. Thus, your empire is born. I know companies that started up because the bride couldn't find a sparkly-enough veil, or a plain enough ring pillow...this wonderful wedding industry may have a reputation of being expensive, but it certainly does inspire future moguls! own line of cake toppers...sounds like a plan.